HPE MSA 2042 SAN DC SFF Storage

HPE MSA 2042 SAN Dual Controller SFF Storage

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HPE MSA 2042 Storage

 The MSA 2042 further drives the MSA 2040 family into the world of flash acceleration with a new set of MSA models which includes 800GB of flash capacity in all SFF and LFF configurations.  In addition to including 2x400GB Mixed Use SSDs in the base configuration, the MSA 2042 also includes a rich set of software features as standard including 512 Snapshots, Remote Replication and Performance Tiering capabilities, all at a very attractive price compared to other hybrid configurations.


The 800GB of SSD capacity can be used as Read Cache or as a start to building a fully tiered configuration.  With the inclusion of the Advanced Data Services SW License, customers can choose how to best utilize these SSDs to provide the optimal flash acceleration for their performance hungry applications.  Both Read Cache and Performance Tiering utilize a real-time tiering algorithm which works without user intervention to place the most accessed data on the fastest medium at the right time.  The MSA 2042 will dynamically move hot pages up to SSD for flash acceleration and move cooler, more stagnant data back down to spinning media as workloads change in real time hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and week-to-week.  All done hands free and without any management overhead from the IT manager.

All MSA 2042 models offer a common set of valuable features (cont):


Storage Management Utility V3 (SMU).  This new MSA management GUI brings a new modern look and feel to array management. 

Thin Provisioning allows storage allocation of physical storage resources only once they are consumed by an application. Thin Provisioning also allows over-provisioning of physical storage pool resources allowing ease of growth for volumes without predicting storage capacity upfront.

All models feature a wide variety of drives: High-performance SSD drives, enterprise-class SAS, and SAS Midline drives.

The MSA 2042 will support a maximum of 7 disk enclosures (either LFF and/or SFF). Add-on enclosures can either be D2700 SFF drive enclosures or MSA 2040 LFF disk enclosures.  

The MSA 2042 can grow incrementally to a maximum of 96 LFF or 199 SFF drives.

Disks Groups can be spanned across multiple enclosures.

Virtual Storage RAID levels 1, 5, 6, 10.

Linear Storage RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50.

Maximum hard drive counts vary by RAID levels: 2 drive max for RAID level 1; max of 16 drives for RAID levels 0, 3, 5, 6, and 10; max of 32 drives for RAID level 50.

Multiple Disk Groups can be aggregated into a single Storage Pool.

The maximum LUN size is 140TB (128TiB)

Storage Pools allow data on a given LUN to span across all drives in a pool. When capacity is added to a system, the user is also getting a performance benefit of the additional spindles.

Snapshot enhancements for virtual storage, including performance improvements, hierarchical snapshots, and simplified resource management. Administrators can monitor and optionally control snapshot space usage.

Prioritize data by assigning appropriate affinity level (Performance, No Affinity or Archive)

Large Pool Support is available with GL220 firmware or later. Customers can configure 512 TiB capacity per virtual pool by enabling large pool support.

Non-disruptive on-line controller code upgrade.  Requires Multi-pathing software)

Upgradable by design. Owners of an MSA P2000 G3 and an MSA 1040 array are able to do data-in-place controller upgrades to the new MSA 2042 array. This unique ability protects the earlier investments in drives, and JBODs.

- Certain limitations are applicable.  Please review  the Upgrading to the HPE MSA 1040 or HPE MSA 2040/2042 Technical Whitepaper before upgrading your P2000 G3/MSA 1040 systems








The HPE MSA 2042 Storage is the ideal solution for customers running Oracle, Microsoft, SAP environments and those customers who are deploying virtual server technologies like VMware and Hyper-V. The MSA 2042 delivers enterprise functionality that enhances virtual environments, simplifies management, and reduces costs. Easy to deploy, scale and maintain, HPE MSA 2042 Arrays ensure that crucial business data remains available.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has developed best-in-class expertise in Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and Virtualization Hypervisor technology through extensive testing with the HPE MSA 2042, HPE servers, and management software; high availability and disaster recovery solutions; and backup and recovery on the Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP application platforms. As a result, our customers can expect a wide range of operational and business benefits where they can:


Deploy IT assets across multiple locations.

Incrementally grow storage without interruption.

Enable high availability and disaster recovery capabilities for critical applications.

Deploy a remote disaster recovery site.

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