Citrix NetScaler VPX 1000 Mbps Enterprise Edition

NetScaler VPX

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NetScaler VPX – Enabling a virtual infrastructure.

NetScaler VPX provides the complete

NetScaler web and application load balancing,

secure and remote access, acceleration,

security and offload feature set in a

simple, easy-to-install virtual appliance. IT

organizations, cloud and telecom service

providers of any size can deploy NetScaler

VPX on industry standard hypervisors—on

demand—anywhere in the datacenter.

Deploying applications can be time

consuming, complex and costly. Applications

need to be continually deployed for new

users and new devices. This can overwhelm

the ability of IT departments and service

providers to deliver applications on demand,

adequate user performance, availability of

applications and security. IT organizations

are embracing virtualized infrastructure as

a means to facilitate device consolidation,

reduce costs and shuffle resources ondemand

to rapidly respond to business needs.

Unified Gateway.

Unified Gateway10 is part of NetScaler Enterprise and Platinum editions and offers secure remote access to any application whether it be web, legacy client-server, SaaS, mobile or citrix apps. In addition to the basic and advanced ICA proxy functionalities offered by NetScaler Gateway, Unified Gateway also provides: • One URL for remotely accessing any application on any device type • SAML 2.0 federated identity for enabling single sign-on across all application types • Centralized policy management for XenApp and XenDesktop using SmartControl • Anywhere access on iOS5 and Android6 mobile devices • Support for Linux7 , MacOS8 , and Windows9 Operating systems..

Customize web and application delivery IT organizations and service providers can mix physical and virtual appliances to create a web and application delivery fabric. Specifically, NetScaler MPX appliances can be deployed at the datacenter edge to address high-capacity network-wide actions while NetScaler VPX can be deployed, on-demand, deeper within the datacenter core to handle application-specific processor intensive actions—all managed via Citrix Command Center. This provides the lowest TCO and greatest flexibility. By exploiting the specific strengths of both physical and virtual appliances, the resulting web and application delivery fabric enables maximum functionality and flexibility at minimum cost. Further key advantages of this approach include: • Tuning advanced delivery capabilities to meet the requirements of each specific application • Separating and isolating application delivery services along different organizational boundaries.

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