Microfocus Sentinel SIEM

SIEM Microfocus Sentinel

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Powerfully simple security management

Sentinel alloww to achieve early detection and fast resolution, ensuring that these incidents no impact whatsoever on the running of the organization.


Organizations are transforming their IT infrastructures and the way they use them in significant ways. These transformations have generated an array of difficulties and challenges that can adversely affect an organization’s ability to secure its enterprise.

Key Differentiators Unlike tactical SIEM solutions, which are simple but not designed to deliver real security intelligence, and traditional SIEM solutions, which are powerful but require significant skills and customization and are difficult to adapt to changing environments, NetIQ Sentinel delivers the highest value in security intelligence, because it delivers both the simplicity and power to help answer the question, “Am I Secure?” ”Big Data” backend provides a highly scalable event storage solution that helps ensure compliance and is supported by a proven, high-availability framework. Virtual software appliance packaging allows for fast and easy deployment. Unlike hardware-based options, virtual appliances can easily expand to handle growth and additional capacity. Identity enrichment provides rich context to security events to provide greater insight for detecting and preventing insider-based threats. Simplified administration with graphical rule building interfaces and capacity planning. Administrators can develop correlation rules quickly during implementation and easily maintain and update them as business needs change, providing a lower total cost of ownership. Day-one value is possible with security intelligence dashboards that allow monitoring the organization’s security almost immediately after installation. Intuitive data searching allows security administrators to easily find the data they need and quickly turn search into a report.

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Microfocus Sentinel SIEM

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