Next Generation Security Management Software

Next Generation Security Management Software for 5 gateways (SmartEvent & Compliance 1 year)

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Next Generation Security Policy Management

Today, managing security is a complex endeavor. Growing networks, disruptive technologies, and the proliferation of interconnected devices demand a new approach to managing security. Traditional security management approaches no longer work. Security needs to be agile, efficient and anticipate the latest threats.

Extensible, scalable platform

One platform, one policy

We believe the key to managing security complexity is to bring all security protections and functions under one umbrella.  With R80, security consolidation is fully realized:


One Console: a single platform manages the entire IT infrastructure – from the data center to private/public cloud deployments – for security efficiency and consistency.

Unified Policy: Policy management is unified so you can create and monitor these policies harmoniously. One single policy manages your users, devices, applications, data and networks. With this unified policy, you also get unparalleled granular control over policy.

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Extensible, scalable platform

R80 makes it easy to align security to IT processes and systems:


Trusted integrations: The R80 API makes it easy to integrate securely with orchestration, change management and ticketing systems. With the ability to control exactly what that integration can and cannot do, organizations have the confidence to embed security into their IT ecosystem.

Automated operations: Routine tasks can be automated and delegated, freeing up security teams from repetitive tasks to focus on strategic security tasks like incidence response.

79 percent of IT professionals believe network security has become more difficult

Comprehensive visibility

Organizations need a single visual dashboard for event analysis, threat monitoring and mitigation to ensure full visibility into threats across the network. Data must be collected from all gateways deployed and correlated with external threat intelligence sources to provide contextual information.


Risk Managers are able to look at high-level alerts, drill down to specifics and analyze correlated data.

Turn on automated responses, stop attacks.

With proactive threat mitigation, you can fine-tune defenses and anticipate the next attack.

How We Can Help

Policy Management


Better align security to keep pace with dynamic business and network environments. Next Generation Policy now gives you the ability to have one policy for users, data, applications and networks provide unparalleled granular control and consistent security. Each policy can be segmented into manageable sections, or policy layers, to align with your network or business needs.


Learn more about Next Generation Policy Management


Workflow and Orchestration


Provide strong protection efficiently without impeding business innovation. Routine tasks can now be automated and delegated, empowering security self-service for business owners. Smart APIs enable trusted integrations with orchestration infrastructures, paving the way for fully automated security controls.


Learn more about  Workflow and Orchestration


Integrated Threat Management


Gain full-spectrum visibility into your security environment to prevent the next attack. With R80, threat management is fully integrated, with logging, monitoring, even correlation and reporting in one place. The intuitive, visual dashboard provides full visibility into security across the network, helping you monitor security continuously and stay alert to potential threats.


Learn more about Integrated Threat Management


Smart-1 Management Appliances


Our Smart-1 appliances are optimized for one-stop security management, combining policy management, and monitoring and event management into a dedicated, high-performance appliance.


Learn more about Smart-1 Management Appliances


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